Yanesha' (Yaneshac̈h)

Yanesha' is a Southern Arawakan or Maipurean language spoken in the Pasco and Junin Regions of Peru, by the Pachitea and Perené rivers. In 2007 there were about 7,500 speakers of Yanesha', which is also known as Amagues, Amagé, Amajé, Amajó, Amoishe, Amueixa, Amuese, Amuesha, Amueshua, Amuetamo, Lorenzo, or Omagé.

Yanesha' alphabet and pronunciation

Yanesha' alphabet and pronunciation


Download an alphabet chart for Yanesha' (Excel)

Source: Diccionario Yanesha' (Amuesha)-Castellano

Sample text

Coyanesha'ñapa ahuo' e'nan amar. Allñapa' allo entan epa ror, pat̃rro' tsama't̃ pat̃rro' ñam̃a rranquec̈h. Ñañapa' ahuo' yore ahuo' seto'ch po'cashe'mo. Allempoñapa' ahuo' natsetan amar perco allo'ch amran pohuaser.


The girl then went to look for leaf litter. There he saw then two flowers: one red and one orange. She took them then and put them in her cushma. She then took the litter back to the dam where she would put it in the holes.

Source: Gramática del idioma Yanesha' (Amuesha)

Corrections and sample text provided by Michael Peter Füstumum

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