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Gan (赣语/江西话)

Gan or Jiangxihua is a variety of Chinese spoken by about 60 million people mainly in the Chinese province of Jiangxi (江西), and also in eastern Hunan (湖南), southeastern Hubei (湖北), southwestern Anhui (安徽) and northwestern Fujian (福建) provinces. It has some intelligibility with Mandarin and . Gan (赣) is an alternative name name for Jiangxi province.

Gan pronunciation (Pinfa romanization system)

Gan pronunciation (Pinfa romanization system)

The Pinfa romanization system was developed by Dr C. F. Lau, a.k.a. Liu Zin Fad (劉鎮發) for Hakka, and was later adapted for Gan and Xiang.

Gan has nine main dialects:


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