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Amadz Amadz

Amadz was invented by Jase Daniels as the official language for a novel currently being written. As a former Hebrew Linguist in the Navy, Daniels became fascinated with languages after attending the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California and sought to create and use a fictional language for his book.

Notable features

  • Type of writing system: abjad
  • Writing direction: right to left
  • Number of letters: 23 (18 consonants, plus 5 vowel markers)
  • The entire language consists of voiced consonantal sounds.
    • Nasal (m, n, ny)
    • Plosive (b, d, g)
    • Fricative (v, th, z, zh, kh, h)
    • Lateral Fricative (z')
    • Glide (r, l, w)
    • Affricate (dz)
    • -Vowels (a, e, i, o, u)(IPA: ɑ, ɛ, i, o, u)
  • Amadz uses an accented z (ź, represented by ɮ in IPA) to denote a voiced alveolar lateral fricative, a rare type of consonantal sound used in Welsh, Zulu Mongolian and a handful of other languages. This sound is much like a lateral lisp of the letter z.
  • Amadz is a root-based language using 3 consonants to build words and can be transitioned by adding vowels and prefixes to create nouns, verbs, adjectives and indicate past, present or future and suffixes to indicate plurality.
  • Amadz does not normally differentiate gender, though gender may be expressed to further illuminate meaning.
  • Amadz uses a variation of Object-Verb-Subject linguistic typology, a rare permutation of word order where the subject is conjugated into the verb.
  • Amadz has a lexicon that is continually growing and will be made available through Daniels' website @

Amadz script and pronunciation

Amadz script and pronunciation

Sample text

Sample text in Amadz


Nezhbehom dunith um danothu ano nezhinu, um khenyid ebahom. Wez'ov lu-ukhem vukhhir yalag zadzvean doreninu bizgarov.


All living things come into being as equals and as such, are to be respected equally. We charge ourselves with the responsibility to better Mother Earth with this in mind.
From the Aamdzeanu Declaration of Rights

Download a font for Amadz (TrueType, 7K)

Note: The font is set up to use with Hebrew-QWERTY keyboard to keep with the right to left look of the language. However it is also established on the US English keyboard for convenience.

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