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How to submit a constructed script to Omniglot

If you have invented a new alphabet or other writing system and would like me to add it to this site, first send me a sample text and a bit of information about your script. If your script looks good and really appeals to me, I will consider adding it to Omniglot.

Please note: only conlangs written with interesting and attractive invented scripts will be considered for inclusion on this site.

I will consider adding scripts adapted for languages not normally written with them, e.g. English in the Arabic script, or Mandarin in the Korean script. See: Adaptations of existing alphabets for natural languages.

The address to write to is: My email address

My name is Simon Ager.

If I like your sample text, please send me the following:

Please provide any notes related to your script in text format, not as part of images. Typing the notes and sending them by email is the best way to do this.

Please save images in GIF (or PNG) format and try to make to file size as small as possible. JPGs are also acceptable but GIFs are better for images with few colours. The main text area of each page is 600px wide, so try to make any images no wider than that. If you don't have a graphics program on your computer you could an online graphics program, and you can use this online image optimizer to reduce the file size of images.

If you're unable to create images using a graphics program, you can write out your script by hand, then scan it or take a digital photo of it. I suggest you adapt one of the templates in this Excel spreadsheet: Alphabet chart template (Excel, 22K). Please try to write neatly.

Please note: I don't add every alphabet I receive to this site - only the ones that really appeal to me. If I decide not to add your alphabet please don't be downhearted. I encourage you to think creatively about the shapes of letters and other symbols, the ways they fit together, the sounds they represent and the overall look of your script, as well as the way it's presented. Try varying the width of the lines to give them more interesting shapes - you could do this with a wide nib pen if you are writing the script by hand.

Ask yourself whether you'd be happy to have your script on your wall, and maybe try this to see how it looks, or even put it up on a public notice board, or online forum, and see how people react.

The less work I have to do to add your script on my site, the more likely I'll do so.

You can also submit your alphabets to:


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