Ayeri Ornament Script    Ayeri Ornament Script

The Ornament Script was invented in April 2004 by Carsten Becker, originally intended to be used as a script for artistic purposes in his invented language, Ayeri, but later discarded for that purpose. In that language, the script is called Tahano Veno (beautiful script).

Notable features

  • The shapes of the letters were inspired by vines.
  • The script is essentially ornamental and can be written in horizontally from left to right or in spirals.
  • In theory the script could be adapted to write English

Ayeri Ornament Script


  • The vowels with a grave accent (à, è, etc) are known as 'variable vowels' and are part of Ayeri's verb morphology.
  • The consonants n, m, j and v and the vowels o, ó and ò can be mirrored if necessary.


Ayeri Ornament Script punctuation

Sample text in the Ayeri Ornament Script

Sample text in the Ayeri Ornament Script


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