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D'ni alphabet   D'Ni

The D'ni alphabet was created for use in the computer games Myst and Riven, which are produced by Cyan Inc. The D'ni alphabet is used to write D'ni, a language created for use in Myst and Riven which is spoken by a number of the characters in these games.

D'ni alphabet


Some of the transliterations and phonetic values are uncertain.


The D'ni use a 25 base counting system. The number 25 can be written either as a single symbol or as a combination of the symbols for 1 and 0.

D'ni numerals

Sample text in D'ni

Sample text in D'ni

.lenah biv kenen tenesh erthbantee meh keelentee roob rekeelen fahets kenen ten ril-tsan


Every journey is simply a series of steps but the first step is not always simple.

Sample text provided by Jeff Klinger


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