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Garwinee'en Garwinee'en

The Garwinee'en Script was created by Shan Jeev in 2012 during a very boring weekend. He was playing a Lord of the Rings game when he noticed that there was stange writing in differnent parts of the game. Shanjeev, inspired by this, decided to create his own alphabet. He stayed up during the night creating different letters. He wanted it to have as many sounds as possible, but he didn't want any aspirated sounds. Today, some of the letters have changed since this script was first made.

Notable features

Garwinee'en script

Garwinee'en script

Vowel diacritics with ka

Garwinee'en vowel diacritics with ka

Sample text

Sample text in the Garwinee'en alphabet


Ah'thou mun'nakuo isoot'tee nadak'kel, mankai'nd;dekkoo peh'reeyeh koothee.


Thats one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.

More information about the Garwinee'en script

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