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Old Norse Cyrillic (Дәнш Тунга)

The Old Norse Cyrillic Alphabet was created by Mikael Heather in July of 2015, and is an adaption of the Cyrillic Alphabet for Old East Norse and Old West Norse. One of the reasons for its creation is to have a system of transliterating Old East Norse and Old West Norse from Younger Runes or the Latin Alphabet into the Cyrillic Alphabet.

Old Norse Cyrillic alphabet

Old Norse Cyrillic alphabet

Note that Jer (Ь,ь) is used to lengthen vowels.

Sample text

Гаьттир аԓар, аьѳρ ганги фрам,
Ум шоѳаш шѵлий
Ум шѵгнаш шѵлий
Ѳ ꝩий ат оьвиьст
Эр ат вита
Ӽар оьвинир
Ситя аь флэтий фѵрир


Gáttir aꝇar áðr gangi fram,
um umskoðask skyli
um skygnask skyli
þꝩí at óvíst
er at vita
hvar óvinir
sitja á fleti fyrir.


Before one would advance through each doorway,
one must look about
and peer around,
because one can't know for sure
where enemies
sit in the hall beforehand.

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