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qosta    qosta

qosta is a writing system created by Adam Heurlin (aka Arimah Šaretésia Néotsánia) in early 2006 for his constructed language of the same name. The language is part of Adam's fictional world, where it is spoken by a race of reptilian creatures.

Notable features

qosta alphabet

qosta alphabet

Sample text in qosta

Sample text in qosta


aumei esû la-qeltu gitunûso ake heki fotû qostu la-lehutampi peltago te esû naku âmito.


The day a single language covers our world, I will be without happiness.

Download a qosta font (TrueType format, 43K)

Download a chart of the qosta alphabet (Excel format, 6K)


Further information about the qosta language

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