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Serian Serian alphabet


The Serian alphabet was created by Ross Jallo, and is partly based on the Arabic, Mongolian and Manchu scripts and also on a script which appears in Gulliver's Travels.

Notable features

Used to write

Serian, a language invented by Ross Jallo and inspired by Quenya and Sindarin with vocabulary from Gothic, Welsh, Latin, Spanish, Finnish and German.

Serian consonants

Serian consonants

Serian diacritics

Serian vowel diacritics

Notes on the diacritics

The diacritics are shown with a special 'place-holder' symbol which has no phonetic value but merely 'carries' a vowel when the vowel is at the beginning of a word, or (rarely) right after another vowel.

Serian punctuation

Serian punctuation

Notes on punctuation

Shown are the five kinds of stops in Serian attached to the letter Pa. The first four are used much as periods, question marks, and exclamation points in English. The fifth is a 'stronger' mark, used in poetry to denote ends of stanzas, in books to show chapter ends, and placed at the ends of all documents.

The information and images on this page were provided by Ross Jallo (

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