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Motekye's Sheren alphabet    Motekye's Sheren

Sheren was created by Phil (Motekye) Pappajohn in June of 2004 when he went on a short vacation and needed to tell people both where he was going and a good reason not to update his weblog. The answer came in the form of a short, but cryptic looking message written in the simple code, replacing his weblog and detailing his whereabouts and when he could be expected to return. Upon returning, he was delighted to find that no one had managed to decipher the simple script and thought it may have some sort of future.

Currently a language named Krennish is being developed which makes use of the Sheren alphabet. There is no literature on the subject as of yet, but a future lexicon will eventually be available at

Noteable features

Used to write

Sheren can be used to write any Latin-based language.

Motekye's Sheren alphabet

Motekye's Sheren alphabet

Sample text in the Sheren alphabet

Sample text in the Sheren alphabet

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