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Varaksian alphabet

Varaksian alphabet

The Varaksian alphabet was created by Yury Varaksa in April 2014 to write his constructed language, Varhukaap [varxu'kaɪp]. Each word is written with all the letters joined in a continious line. It can also be used to write Russian and Belarusian.

Notable features

Voiced consonants are written on the right of the central line, and voiceless ones on the left. This also applies to m/n and r/l. For example:

Varhukaap example

Varaksian alphabet

Varaksian alphabet

Sample text in Varhukaap in the Varaksian alphabet

Varaksian alphabet

IPA transcription

ɨl’lutɛm ax’bɛrsɛna ‘ravu nam’dostɛmun ir’pravɛmun. ‘Xɛna ‘ulmaj ir’konsaj ir’dɛjvena sab’vajxɛʃa ‘frɛrɛmoj


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