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xliú Σgrén πzwén xliú Σgrén πzwén

xliú Σgrén πzwén is a constructed script invented by LXJ from China to write a conlang called xliú Жmyǜ. It is made up of 50 glyphs that can be put together in various combinations to resemble human figures. The heads indicate meaning. The arms indicate consonants, legs vowels, and the feet indicate the final consonants n and ng. There are two tones: the falling tone is indicated by a small point in the centre of the head. The other tone is not indicated.

Notable features

xliú Σgrén πzwén

Head meanings

xliú Σgrén πzwén - the meanings of heads


xliú Σgrén πzwén pronunciation

Sample text

Sample text in xliú Σgrén πzwén


Yshué qbù wéi lkái zái xüé shcháng dì yì xüé qbù xyüè zái nóng d ypéng ǘ xyó fdì zláí qbù fú zhyín qtá grén fú shzàn qnù zái shgó grén zái zì.

Chinese version

The Analects of Confucius - 学而第一

English version

The Master said, “To learn something and timely practice it – it is a pleasure, isn’t it? To have friends who have the same ambition as yours coming from far away and talk to each other – it is a delight, isn’t it? Not to blame a person who does not recognize you – it is a gentleman, isn’t it?”


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