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Kinship terms in Albanian

Words for family members and other relatives in Albanian.

Albanian (shqip) English
Familja family
Prindërit parents
Nëna / Mëma mother
Babai / Ati father
Fëmijët children
Djali / Biri son
Vajzë / Bija daughter
Bashkëshorti (m) / Bashkëshortja (f) spouse
Burri husband
Gruaja wife
Vëllai brother
Motra sister
Xhaxhai (father's side) / Daja (mother's side) uncle
Tezja / Tetoja (mother's side) / Halla (father's side)
Emta (universal)
Kushëriri (m) / Kushërirja (f) cousin
Nipi nephew
Mbesa niece
Gjyshërit grandparents
Gjyshi grandfather
Gjyshja grandmother
Nipërit grandchildren
Nipi grandson
Mbesa granddaughter
Vjehërri father-in-law
Vjehërra mother-in-law
Kunata sister-in-law
Kunati brother-in-law

Information provided by Plator Gashi

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