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Deg Xinag numbers

How to count in Deg Xinag (Degexit'an), a Northern Athabaskan language spoken along the lower Yukon River in Alaska in the USA.

Click on any of the numbers that are links (blue) to hear them spoken. If you can provide recordings, corrections or additional translations, please contact me.

Numeral Cardinal (things) Cardinal (persons) Ordinal
1 giłiggi giłigginh hingitthe
2 teqa notin (Y)
notni (K)
ye xitsˈin
3 toq toxin (Y)
toxni (K)
4 denhchˈe diniyhin (Y)
diniyhni (K)
5 giłixsnaloˈ, giłixsnal gesiłnalin (Y)
giłuxsnaloˈni (K)
6 donganh gełeq (K)
donganh giłiggi (Y)
donganh giłiggni (K)
donganh giłiggin (Y)
7 donganh teqa    
8 donganh toq, niłqˈa denhchˈe    
9 donganh denhchˈe    
10 niłqˈosnal, niłqˈosnalo
donganh gełixsnaloˈ
11 niłqˈosnal giłiggi viqˈidz iy    
12 niłqˈosnal teqa viqˈidz iy    
13 niłqˈosnal toq viqˈidz iy    
14 niłqˈosnal denhchˈe viqˈidz iy    
15 din xiqˈidh    
16 ?    
17 ?    
18 ?    
19 ?    
20 giłigginh dina giłigginh dinan  
30 giłigginh dina niłqˈosnal    
40 notin dina    
50 notin dina niłqˈosnal    
60 toxin dina (Y)
toxni dina (K)
70 toxin dina niłqˈosnal    
80 diniyhin dina (Y)
diniyhni dina (K)
90 diniyhin dina niłqˈosnal    
100 giłiggi ginditˈoy (Y)    
once gełix, gełixdi    
twice nodi    
3 times toxdi    
4 times diniyhdi    
5 times gesiłnaldi (Y)
giłuxsnaloˈdi (K)
6 times donganh gełixdi    
10 times niłqˈosnaldi    
half gighonˈ    
one-fourth giłigi qˈithghonˈ    
none, nothing viqul    

(Y) Yukon dialect
(K) Kuskokwim dialect

Source: Deg Xinag. Ingalik Noun Dictionary (Preliminary). Compiled by James Kari, Alaska Native Language Center, University of Alaska, Fairbanks, Alaska – 1978.

Information provided by Wolfgang Kuhl

If you would like to make any corrections or additions to this page, or if you can provide recordings, please contact me.

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