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Numbers in Klingon

How to count in Klingon (tlhIngan Hol), a language created by Marc Okrand for use in the Star Trek films and TV series.

Click on any of the numbers that are links (blue) to hear them spoken. If you can provide recordings, corrections or additional translations, please contact me.

Numeral Cardinal numbers Ordinal numbers
0 pagh  
1 wa' wa'Dlch
2 cha' cha'Dlch
3 wej wejDlch
4 loS loSDlch
5 vagh vaghDlch
6 jav javDlch
7 Soch SochDlch
8 chorgh chorghDlch
9 Hut HutDlch
10 wa'maH wa'maHDlch
11 wa'maH wa' wa'maH wa'Dlch
12 wa'maH cha' wa'maH cha'Dlch
13 wa'maH wej wa'maH wejDlch
14 wa'maH loS wa'maH loSDlch
15 wa'maH vagh wa'maH vaghDlch
16 wa'maH jav wa'maH javDlch
17 wa'maH Soch wa'maH SochDlch
18 wa'maH chorgh wa'maH chorghDlch
19 wa'maH Hut wa'maH HutDlch
20 cha'maH cha'maHDlch
21 cha'maH wa' cha'maH wa'Dlch
22 cha'maH cha' cha'maH cha'Dlch
23 cha'maH wej cha'maH wejDlch
24 cha'maH loS cha'maH loSDlch
25 cha'maH vagh cha'maH vaghDlch
26 cha'maH jav cha'maH javDlch
27 cha'maH Soch cha'maH SochDlch
28 cha'maH chorgh cha'maH chorghDlch
29 cha'maH Hut cha'maH HutDlch
30 wejmaH wejmaHDlch
40 loSmaH loSmaHDlch
50 vaghmaH vaghmaHDlch
60 javmaH javmaHDlch
70 SochmaH SochmaHDlch
80 chorghmaH chorghmaHDlch
90 HutmaH HutmaHDlch
100 wa'vatlh wa'vatlhDlch
200 cha'vatlh cha'vatlhDlch
300 wejvatlh wejvatlhDlch
354 wej­vatlh vagh­maH loS wej­vatlh vagh­maH loSDlch
400 loSvatlh loSvatlhDlch
500 vaghvatlh vaghvatlhDlch
600 javvatlh javvatlhDlch
700 Sochvatlh SochvatlhDlch
800 chorghvatlh chorghvatlhDlch
900 Hutvatlh HutvatlhDlch
1,000 wa'SaD wa'SaDDlch
2,000 cha'SaD cha'SaDDlch
3,000 wejSaD wejSaDDlch
4,000 loSSaD loSSaDDlch
5,000 vaghSaD vaghSaDDlch
6,000 javSaD javSaDDlch
7,000 SochSaD SochSaDDlch
8,000 chorghSaD chorghSaDDlch
9,000 HutSad HutSadDlch
10,000 wa'netlh wa'netlhDlch
100,000 wa'blp wa'blpDlch
1,000,000 wa''uy' wa''uy'Dlch
once wa'logh  
twice cha'logh  
three times wejlogh  

Corrections by Philip Newton

Information about Klingon numbers

If you would like to make any corrections or additions to this page, or if you can provide recordings, please contact me.

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