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Aguaruna (iinia chichama)

Aguaruna is a Jivaroan language spoken in parts of Peru by about 45,000 people. The speakers live along the Marañón, Porto, Mayo and Cahuapanas rivers. It is closely related to Huambisa and Achuar-Siwiar.

Aguaruna is a recognized language in Peru according to the 1993 constitution.

Aguaruna alphabet and pronunciation

Aguaruna alphabet and pronunciation

Download an Aguaruna alphabet chart (Excel)

Sample texts

Nujínmaya̲ dase̲ etsajai̲ chichainak dik yaki̲ imá sénchita aents íjag shig penúmag nagkae̲ma nunásh yaki̲ awímitkat, nunú̲ dekás atí imá senchígtinuk tusa tudáiyaju̲. Tusa chichaság nagkánmauwaik dase̲ senchi dásentuk umpuútan nagkamau̲ dútikamash aents íjagka duka áyatak an senchi.

Sample text

The North Wind and the Sun were discussing which of the two was the strongest, when came a traveler wrapped in a coat. They agreed that the first one who could force the traveler to drop the coat would be considered the strongest. So the North Wind began to blow with great fury, but how much more blew, more the traveler kept his coat, until the North Wind gave up. Then the sun shone in all its splendor, and immediately the traveler took off his coat. So the North Wind had to recognize the superiority of the sun.


Ashi aents aidauk agkan akinui, betek eme anentsa aentsmasa diyam atanmash, tuja aents anentaibau, aents dutikatasa wakej amu yupichu dutimainnum, tuja ni wakejamun takakush tikish bakushminnum, nuniak tikish aidaujaish shiig yatsuta anmamut ati tusa.


All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
(Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights)


Details of Aguaruna supplied by Michael Peter Füstumum, with corrections by Wolfram Siegel


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