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Bedik (Ménik)

Bedik is a Niger-Congo languages and is spoken in parts of Senegal by a few thousand people. The language is also known as Budik, and there are three dialects of Bedik: Banapas, Biwol and Bëñolo.

Bedik alphabet and pronunciation

Bedik was first written by missionaries, and an offical orthography was developed in 2004.

Bedik alphabet and pronunciation

Download an alphabet chart for Bedik (Excel)

Sample text in Bedik

Onenod ngë maheca e, asém ale gen ufat orom koyèdé. Han fayër utéb le mayekoye ocëc ufat od. Gon sëcë ko on akokumad bacëc ban ubar bitin-bitin. Bot bon ngë mayamb man ubar bacëc bingum. Ngë ayër oye odëkënhan omël. Awa, ngë akënëla ulad bindab en kenan ocëla gétéb ën.


Towards the end of the dry season, the farmer thinks in his field. Before the rains, he's going to cut the leaves of shrubs which have grown back. Then these leaves and stems of millet from the previous harvest, he heaps. When everything is dry, he burns them until the whole field is clean. Finally, after the cleaning, he sows millet and expect the rains.

Details of Bedik supplied by Michael Peter Füstumum


Information about the Bedik language

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