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Braille for Latin and Greek

Samuel Barnes took three years of Latin in high school, and a semester of classical Greek in college. However he is now faced with vision loss and is having a hard time reading print, so he decided to devise his own method of writing Latin and Greek with Braille.

At first it was just a code for classical Latin, but he then rememberd the fact that both Latin and ancient Greek are so closely connected historically, and that they share much phonology, so he decided to make a unified code to represent both languages; that way a student of one could easily begin studying the other.

Braille for Latin and Greek

Braille for Latin and Greek


Sample texts


Sample text in Latin in Braille


Sample text in Greek in Braille

Versions of Braille

Braille for Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese), Braille for English, Braille for Latin & Greek, Braille for Welsh

Other notation systems

Blissymbolics, Braille, Graffiti, Moon, Shorthand, Solresol, Sutton SignWriting

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