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Chinook (Tsinúk)

The Chinookan languages were spoken at the mouth of the Columbia River. There were a number of dialects of Chinook, only a few of which are possibly still spoken. Lower Chinook is described by UNESCO as critically endangered. Other sources list it as extinct, or almost so.

Other Chinook dialects include: Clatsop (Tlatsop), which was spoken in north west Oregon around the mouth of the Columbia River and the Clatsop Plains; Chinook Jargon; and Shoalwater, or Chinook proper, which was spoken in southwestern Washington State around southern Willapa Bay until the 1930s.

Lower Chinook alphabet and prounciation

Lower Chinook alphabet and prounciation

Download an alphabet chart for Lower Chinook (Excel)

Information provided by Wolfram Siegel

Sample recording of Chinook


Information about Chinook

Chinookan languages

Chinook, Chinook Jargon

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