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Jingulu (Djingili)

Jingulu is member of the Mirndi group of Australian languages, and is spoken by 56 people in the Northern Territory of Australia, particularly around the township of Elliot. The majority of speakers are over 50, and the language is no longer used as a means of daily communication - English or Kriol are used instead.

Jingulu is also known as Chingalee, Chunguloo, Djingila, Djingulu, Jingali, Lee, Tchingalee or Tjingilu.

There is (or was) a well-developed signed version of the Jingulu language.

Jingulu alphabet and pronunciation

Jingulu alphabet and pronunciation


Sample text

Kamamurra Marluka

Bundurrunu umbumami ngarnu jamirnani marlukarni, bundundurru marriya, angkula wumbumaardi kamamurra. Kamamurra jamarni marlukarni narnangajarriya biyurlarruni, kaminjirru kularrani. Kaminjirru kulayarni ngarnu ngajanarriya bundundurru marliya. Nginirni bundurru ngabangarriyi ngarni ngindirna marlukarna. Bubujirna marlukarna ngabangarriyi ngarnu bundurrunu ngunyangarriyi, ngambaya manyan kaya bundundurra.

The Old Blind Man

Be so kind as to cook that old man some food, he can't cook because he's blind. That old blind man is looking about for his children, perhaps his grandchildren or nephews. Our young people look after our feeding when we are sick. I'll take some food to that old man. I'll take this food over and give it to the hold white-haired man so that he can have a sleep once he's full up.


Information about the Jingulu language

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