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Lokoya is a member of the Eastern Nilotic branch of the Nilo-Saharan language family. It is spoken in South Sudan to the east of the city of Juba by about 12,400 people. Over names for Lokoya include Ellyria, Koyo, Loirya, Lokoiya, Lokoja, Loquia, Lowoi, Oirya, Owoi and Oxoriok.

Lokoya is most closely related Lotuko, and also quite closely related to Lokoya, Lopit, Lokoya and Dongotono.

There is no standard way to write Lokoya. The spelling system shown below is no possible way.

Lokoya alphabet and pronunciation

Lokoya alphabet and pronunciation

Lokoya is a tonal language with four tones: high, low, mid and high falling. The high tone can be marked with an acute accent; the low tone with a grave accent, and the high falling tone with a circumflex accent. The mid tone is not marked.

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