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Lumun is a member of the Talodi branch of the Niger-Congo language family. It is spoken mainly in the Lumun hills, east of Kadugli, in the Nuba Mountains in Southern Kordofan state (Janub Kurdufan) in central Sudan. There are about 30,000 speakers. Lumnun is also known as Lomon or Kuku-Lumun.

Lumun alphabet and pronunciation

Lumun alphabet and pronunciation


The letters attached to the beginning of words with a hyphen are grammatical inflections indicating gender, number, person or case.

Details of Lumun provided by Michael Peter Füstumum

Sample text (Ukul ana Ïmït)

Ca’ri c-’rek c-okat cik cukku Torru, ana amma cukku c-aat ul w-urukot i-pira thuput nti icarak co man. Ukkul w-’rek w-okat cik w-occot k’ran itti Olotti ana okin th-onat no ka’ran i-koccot k’ran itti Thoicang uwo oingkanthet noththok po E’reme.

Translation (A Boy and a Goat)

A story took place in Lumun land in Autumn; In Autumn, people who have animals move them into the forest further inside the home area. A certain boy named Loti had animals at the place named Toijang, which is down towards the country of the Aceron.



Information about Lumun

Talodi languages

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