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Pohnpeian is a Micronesian language spoken by about 29,000 people mostly on Pohnpei Island and the Caroline Islands in the Federated States of Micronesia. Ngatikese, Pingelapese and Mokilese are classified as dialects of Pohnpeian or as closely related languages.

Pohnpeian is written with the Latin alphabet using an orthography developed by German missionaries.

Pohnpeian alphabet and pronunciation

Pohnpeian alphabet and pronunciation


H is used to indicate a long vowel, e.g. ah = /a:/.

Sample text in Pohnpeian

Tohn sampa karos ipwiwei nan saledek oh duwepenehte nan arail wasa oh arail pwung. Arail marain oh pehm ih utakerail kahrehda korusie konehng sawaspene nin duwen pirien ehu.


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