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Southern Pomo

Southern Pomo is a Pomoan language spoken in northern California in the USA. In 2012 there was one fluent speaker of Southern Pomo and one remeberer, and a few other who knew a bit of the language.

The language was documented to some extent in the 1940s, and work was started, though not finished, on a Southern Pomo dictionary.

In 2011 a language restoration program was set up by Dr Neil Alexander Walker for the Dry Creek Rancheria Band of Pomo Indians. This includes classes, a mobile app, signs and summer camps.

Southern Pomo alphabet and pronunciation

Southern Pomo alphabet and pronunciation

Download a Southern Pomo alphabet chart (PDF, in German)


In the PDF it shows w is pronounced /w/ or /ɰ/ and that w is seldom used and restricted to borrowings. This is not true: w is always pronounced /w/, and is one of the most common phonemes.

Details of Southern Pomo pronunciation supplied by Wolfram Siegel, with corrections by Dr Neil Alexander Walker


Information about Southern Pomo

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