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Suriyani Malayalam (സുറിയാനി മലയാളം / ܣܘܼܝܲܢܝܼ ܡܲܠܲܝܵܠܲܡ)

Suriyani Malayalam is a variety of Malayalam used by Saint Thomas Christians in Kerala in India as a liturgical language. It is also known as Karshoni or Syriac Malayalam, and its speakers are also known as Syrian Christians or Nasranis. The language uses Malayalam grammar, and includes Malayalam and East Syriac vocabulary. It was written with the East Syriac script until the 19th century. Parts of the liturgy are still sung in Syriac.

In order to write Malayalam with the East Syriac script, new letters had to be created, as Syriac has only 22 letters, and Malayalam has 53 phonemes.

Notable features

Suriyani Malayalam alphabet

Suriyani Malayalam alphabet

ܨ ,ܥ ,ܛ ,ܚ ,ܙ are only used in Semitic loanwords.

Download alphabet charts for Malayalam (Excel)

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Sample text

Sample text in Suriyani Malayalam


Abun d'bashmaya, nethqandash shmak, tethe malkuthak, qandish, qandish, qandishat. Abun d'bashmaya, damlen shmaya war'a rambuth shubak. 'Eere u'nasha qa'yen lak, qandish qandish, qandishat.


Our Father in heaven, hallowed by Your name, Your Kingdom come. Holy, holy, holy are You! Our Father in heaven, heave and earth are full of the grandeur of Your glory. Angels and men cry out: Holy, holy holy are You!


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