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Western Neo-Aramaic (Lišāna Arāmīṯ / ܐܪܡܝܐ)

Western Neo-Aramaic is spoken by about 15,000 people in three villages - Ma'lula (معلولة‎), Bakh'a (بخعة‎) and Jubb Adin (جبّعدين‎), in the Anti-Lebanon mountains of western Syria. It is the only living Aramaic language that belongs to the western branch of Aramaic languages.

Each of the villages where Western Neo-Aramaic is spoken has its own dialect, which are influenced to differing degrees by Arabic. The dialect of Jubb Adin is the most influenced by Arabic.

Western Neo-Aramaic alphabet and pronunciation

Western Neo-Aramaic alphabet and pronunciation

Download Western Neo-Aramaic chart provided by Wolfram Siegel (Word doc, in German)


Information about Western Neo-Aramaic

Numbers in Western Neo-Aramaic

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