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Wichita is a Northern Caddoan language spoken near Anadarko in western Oklahoma. In 2008 there was one native speaker of Wichita, Doris McLemore, and 3 other speakers. Doris died in August 2016. Efforts are being made to teach and document the language in a partnership between the Wichita tribe and the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Wichita alphabet and pronunciation

Wichita alphabet and pronunciation

Wichita is a tonal language with high and low tones. The high tone is indicated with an acute accent (á). The low tone is unmarked.

Download an alphabet chart for Wichita (Excel)

Sample text in Wichita

ka:ʔa:ʔa:kó:kha:rʔa, kíkʔi:s, khiʔas, kiyakihiteʔecaki, kiya:kiʔi:khíyaʔa hakihiʔiyaskwah. "ka:kiyaʔ, isí:ʔa! iskirhiʔiyaskwa!"


Once upon a time, turtle, poor thing, he was sitting at the edge, they say. He was wishing, they say to go across the water. Somebody come! Take me across the water!


Details of the last native speaker of Wichita


Information about the Wichita language

The Last Living Speaker of Wichita

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