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Language courses and other materials for learning Classical Chinese, the variety written Chinese used in Chinese from the 2nd Century BC until the early 20th century.

A New Introduction to Classical Chinese

A New Introduction to Classical Chinese

by Raymond Dawson

- introduces Classical Chinese through the a series of texts accompanied by grammatical notes. The texts include selections from the writings of Mencius (Mengzi) and other writers of the 4th and 3rd century BC, together with texts by the Han Dynasty historian Ssu-ma Ch'ien.

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Classical Chinese Reader

Classical Chinese Reader

by A.D. Syrokomla-Stefanowska

- an introduction to Classical Chinese suitable for beginners, though some knowledge of Modern Chinese will certainly help. Consists of a selection of texts in Classical Chinese by writers such as Mencius with plenty of footnotes. There are also appendices containing grammatical notes.

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Outline of Classical Chinese Grammar

Outline of Classical Chinese Grammar

by Edwin G. Pulleyblank

- a comprehensive introduction to syntactical analysis of Classical Chinese, focusing on the language of the high classical period. After a brief historical overview, sections cover principles of word order and sentence structure, the main sentence types, and topics including subordina

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