Jian'ou (建甌事 / Gṳ̿ing-é-dī)

Jian'ou is a variety of Northern Min spoken in Jian'ou, a city in northern Fujian in the southeast of China. In 1992 there were about 2 million speakers of Jian'ou, and there are about 11 million speakers of all varieties of Northern Min.

Jian'ou is also known as Kienow dialect or 建瓯话 (jiàn'ōuhuà). Jian'ou speakers call it 建甌事 (Gṳ̿ing-é-dī).

In 1900 European missionaries devised a way to write Jian'ou with the Latin alphabet known as Gṳ̿ing-Nǎing-Hǔ Gâ̤ Tǔ-kióng Lô̤-mǎ-cī (建寧府土腔羅馬字). This spelling system is used only in churches and is not widely known by non-church people.

Jian'ou pronunciation

Jian'ou pronunciation

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