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Talk Now! Learn Gujarati

Talk Now! Learn Gujarati

by Eurotalk

- a basic introduction to Gujarati. Includes dialogues, exercises, games, tests and notes in numerous languages. Introduces a fairly limited amount of vocabulary and phrases, but does so in an effective and fun way.

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Colloquial Gujarati

Colloquial Gujarati: A Complete Language Course

by Jagdish Chandra Dave

- an introduction to spoken and written Gujarati. Includes a course book containing dialogues, grammatical notes, exercises and cultural information, together with two cassettes and/or CDs with recordings of some of the dialogues and exercises.

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Universal English-Gujarati Dictionary

Universal English-Gujarati Dictionary

by Pandurang Ganesh Deshpande

- contains over 34,000 English words and phrases with short, precise Gujarati definitions. Designed for Gujarati speakers learning English.

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