Hebreísmo was created by Crawford J. Bennett, Jr. to write Castilian Spanish with Hebrew Letters. The Hebreísmo letters are modified for a handwritten alphabet wherein each letter fits into a "square," that is each letter takes up relatively the same amount of space on a page as any other letter would. However, Castilian orthography must be simplified to write in Hebreísmo. Hebreísmo is written from right to left, and vowels are always written.

Notable features

Hebreísmo alphabet

Hebreísmo alphabet


Sample text in the Hebreísmo alphabet

Sample text in the Hebreísmo alphabet


Yo soy como la gente que a mi tierra vinieron. Soy de la raza mora, la vieja amiga del sol. Que todo lo ganaron y que todo lo perdieron. Tengo el alma de nardo, del árabe español.

Yo soy komo la jente ke a my tyerra vynyeron. Soy de la raza mora, la vyeja amyga del sol. Ke todo lo ganaron y ke todo lo perdyeron. Tengo el alma de nardo, del árabe espanyol.

If you have any questions about the Hebreísmo alphabet, you can contact Crawford J. Bennett, Jr. at joendenise@verizon.net.

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