Nasema (ߣߊߛߍߡߊ)

Nasema is a method of writing Swahili with the N'Ko alphabet devised by Allison Powell. It was inspired by the fact that Swahili carries a lot of Arabic influence, and the N'Ko alphabet was largely influenced by the Arabic script. Furthermore, given that N'Ko is one of the most widely used native African scripts, writing Swahili, the second most spoken language in Africa, with this alphabet simply makes sense. The name "Nasema" means "I say" in Swahili, just as the word "N'ko" means "I say" in Mandé languages that use the N'Ko alphabet.

Notable features

Nasema alphabet


Download an alphabet chart for Nasema (Excel)


Sample text in Nasema

ߥߊߕߎ ߥߐߕߍ ߥߊߡߍߛ߳ߟߌߥߊ ߤߎߙߎ߸ ߤߊߘ߳ߌ ߣߊ ߤߊߞߌ ߛ߳ߊߐ ߣߌ ߛߊߥߊ߷ ߥߐߕߍ ߥߊߡߍߖߊߟߌߥߊ ߊߞߌߟߌ ߣߊ ߘ߳ߊߡߌߙߌ߸ ߤߌߥ߳ߦߐ ߦߊߔߊߛߊ ߥߊߕߍߣߘߍߊߣߍ ߞߌߣߘߎߜߎ߷ 


Watu wote wamezaliwa huru, hadhi na haki zao ni sawa. Wote wamejaliwa akili na dhamiri, hivyo yapasa watendeane kindugu. 


All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
(Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

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Adapted scripts by Allison Powell

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