Learn French in Paris

What could be better than learning French while visiting Paris? The City of Lights is one of the most loved, romantic cities in the world because of its beauty, history and charm. And, learning French will benefit you immensely. First off, French is spoken in 33 countries in the world, and there are 128 million fluent French speakers who use the language on a regular basis. Now, you could be one of them!

Plan Your Trip

While springtime in Paris is ideal, every season in Paris has its perks. If you're traveling on a budget or you dislike large crowds, then you should avoid a spring excursion to Paris and opt for another season such as autumn.

When flying into Paris, you have two main choices-Roissy-Charles de Gaulle and Orly. Located about 15 miles northeast of Paris, Roissy-Charles de Gaulle is the second largest airport in Europe. Orly, located 10 miles south of Paris, is much smaller and used mostly for domestic and European flights.

The Pros and Cons

Sure you could learn French from anywhere in the world, but learning French in Paris allows you to practice the lovely language with native speakers, as well as experience the historic and lovely city of Paris. Your time away from the classroom can be spent in famous museums and cathedrals you've only read about in books. In addition, learning to speak a second language in the country of its origin is always beneficial to have on one's CV, making you a more attractive candidate for top-level positions with desirable employers.

If you were putting together a "pros and cons" list about studying French in Paris, cost would definitely be on the "cons" side. The fees can be substantial when adding up the costs of tuition, transportation and especially lodging. Depending on the type of language program you choose, you may need to stay in Paris for several weeks, and lodging can be quite expensive-even for students. Plus, if you're planning on taking a summer language course, which is usually in August, Paris can be uncomfortably hot that time of year.

Mastering the Language of Love in Paris

You could learn the Language of Love in many fine institutions around the world and throughout Europe, but learning French in Paris is an experience you'll treasure for a lifetime. While there are many language schools in Paris, the three highlighted below are quite reputable and offer a wide range of studies.

Alliance Francaise

Known as the cultural alternative, the Alliance Francaise offers general French lessons, workshops in oral or written French with a cultural or professional focus, business classes and personalized courses at every level throughout the year.

Cours de Civilisation Francaise de la Sorbonne

Whether you want to take basic phonetics lessons or earn a diploma in French language studies or a diploma in advanced French language studies, you can do so here. You can also learn about the history of French culture and its importance in today's world.

Language Studies International (LSI)

LSI Paris is situated in the historical heart of the city, close to the Louvre. As a student at LSI, you'll be able to practice your French outside the classroom via guided visits to important sites, concerts and cultural events. You can sign up for a short study program or as many as 92 lessons.

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