Colour words in Korean

Words for colours in Korean, with native Korean and Sino-Korean words for each colour. The Sino-Korean ones are followed by hanja.

The Korean word for colour is 색 [色] (saek). Colour names can include this word, or it can be omitted.

black 검은색 (geo-meun-saek); 까만색 (kka-man-saek); 흑 [黑] (heuk) - black

white 하얀색 (ha-yan-saek); 흰색 (hin-saek); 백 [白] (baek) - white

red 빨간색 (ppal-kkan-saek); 적 [赤] (jeok); 홍 [紅] (hong) - red

yellow 노란색 (no-ran-saek); 황 [黃] (hwang) - yellow

Shades of yellow

  • 카나리아 빛 (ka-na-ri-a bit) - canary yellow
  • 레몬빛 (re-mon-bit) - lemon yellow; citrine
  • 담황색 (dam-hwang-saek) - buff; lemon yellow

blue 파란색 (pa-ran-saek) - blue / blue-green; 청 [靑] (cheong) - blue

Shades of blue

  • 곤색 (gon-saek) / 남 [藍] (nam) - navy blue
  • 물빛 (mul-bit) - light blue
  • 퍼런색 (peo-reon-saek) - dark/navy blue
  • 짙은 푸른 빛 (ji-teun pu-reun bit) - deep blue
  • 강청색 [鋼靑色] (gang-cheong-saek) / 번갯불빛 (beon-gaet-ppul-bit) - electric blue
  • 선명한 남빛 [鮮明한 藍빛] (seon-myeong-han nam-bit) - royal blue
  • 광택있는 청색 [光澤있는 靑色] (gwang-tae-gin-neun cheong-saek) - peacock blue
  • 엷은 물빛 (yeol-beun mul-bit) - baby blue
  • 코발트 청색 (ko-bal-teu cheong-saek) - cobalt blue

green 녹색 [綠色] (nok-saek); 녹 [綠] (nok); 초록색 [草綠色] (cho-rok-saek) - green

Shades of green

  • 초록 [草綠] (cho-rok) - dark green; azure
  • 선명한 녹색 [鮮明한 綠色] (seon-myeong-han nok-saek) - vivid/emerald green
  • 푸른빛은 띤 초록색 (pu-reun-bi-cheun ttin cho-rok-saek) - leek-green
  • 황록색 [黃綠色] (hwang-nok-saek) - pea green; yellowish green

brown 갈색 [褐色] (gal-saek) - brown

pink 분홍색 [粉紅色] (bun-hong-saek) - pink

orange 오렌지색 (o-ren-ji-saek); 주황색 (ju-hwang-saek) / 주황 [朱黃] (ju-hwang) - orange

grey 회색 (hoe-saek); 회 [灰] (hoe) - grey

Shades of grey

  • 깜부기숯같은 회색 (kkam-bu-gi-sut-kka-teun hoe-saek) - charcoal grey
  • 미명 [未明] (mi-myeong) - gray of the morning

purple 보라색 (bo-ra-saek); 자주색 (ja-ju-saek); 자주 [紫朱] (ja-ju) - purple

Some information about Korean colours provided by Ngah, with corrections by John Olson

Hear how to pronounce Korean colours:


Korean colour names

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