Family words in Korean

Words for family members and other relatives in Korean (한국어).

  Korean (한국어)
family 가족 (gajok)
relatives 친척 (chincheok)
parent’s family 친정 (chinjeong)
husband’s family 시집 (sijip)
parents 부모 (bumo)
father 아버지 (abeoji) - frm
아빠(appa) - inf
mother 어머니 (eomeoni) - frm
엄마 (eomma) - inf
child(ren) 아이 (ai)
어린이 (eolin-i)
son 아들 (adul)
daughter 딸 (ttal)
husband 남편 (nampyeon)
wife 부인 (buin)
brothers 형제 (hyeongje)
sisters 자매 (jamae)
boy’s elder brother 형 (hyeong)
girl’s elder brother 오빠 (oppa)
boy’s elder sister 누나 (nuna)
girl’s elder sister 언니 (eonni)
youger sibling 동생 (dongsaeng)
youger brother 남동생 (namdongsaeng)
youger sister 여동생 (yeodongsaeng)
aunt 숙모 (sungmo)
uncle 삼촌 (samchon)
maternal aunt 이모 (imo)
maternal aunt’s husband 이모부 (imobu)
paternal aunt 고모 (gomo)
paternal aunt’s husband 고모부 (gomobu)
cousin 사촌 (sachon)
nephew 조카 (joka)
niece 조카딸 (jokattal)
grandparents 조부모 (jobumonim)
grandfather (paternal) 할아버지 (harabeoji)
grandmother (paternal) 할머니 (halmeoni)
grandfather (maternal) 외할아버지 (oe harabeoji)
grandmother (maternal) 외할머니 (oe halmeoni)
grandchild(ren) 손자 (sonja)
grandson 손자 (sonja)
granddaughter 손녀 (son-nyeo)
relative by marriage
사돈 (sadon)
(husband’s side)
아버님 (abeonim)
(wife’s side)
장인 어른 (jangin eoreun)
(husband’s side)
어머님 (eomeonim)
(wife’s side)
장모님 (jangmonim)
(husband’s side)
형님 (hyeongnim)
도련님 (doryeonnim)
서방님 (seobangnim)
(wife’s side)
처남 (cheonam)
(husband’s side)
동서 (dongseo)
아가씨 (agassi)
(wife’s side)
처제 (cheoje)

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Korean family words

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