Family words in Laala

Words for family members and other relatives in Laala, a constructed language devised by Simon Ager, the creator of Omniglot.

family zowuladu
father ba
mother ma
son bi
daughter mi
husband / wife / partner gowuladu
brother bo
sister mo
child laduki, bimi
baby ladukiki
uncle (father's brother) babo
uncle (mother's brother) mabo
aunt (father's sister) bami
aunt (mother's sister) mami
cousin (male) be
cousin (female) me
nephew (brother's son) bobi
nephew (sister's son) mobi
niece (brother's daughter) bomi
niece (sister's daughter) momi
grandfather (paternal) baba
grandfather (maternal) maba
grandmother (paternal) bama
grandmother (maternal) mama
grandson bu
grandson mu
father-in-law bagowuladu
mother-in-law magowuladu
son-in-law bigowuladu
daughter-in-law migowuladu
brother-in-law bogowuladu
sister-in-law mogowuladu

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