Family words in Neolatin

Words for family members and other relatives in Neolatin (Neolatino), an international auxiliary language designed to be used by speakers of Romance languages to communicate with one another.

family la familia
parents los patres
father lo patre, pappa
mother la matre, mamma
children los fillîos
son lo fillîo
daughter la fillîa
husband lo marito, lo esposo
wife la mollîere, la esposa
brother lo fratre
sister la sorore
uncle lo tío, lo onclo
aunt la tía, la tanta, la amía
cousin lo cosino (m), la cosina (f)
nephews &nieces los nepotes
nephew lo nepote
niece la nepote
grandparents los avos
grandfather lo avo
grandmother la àvia
grandchildren los nepotes, los neptos, los granfillîos
grandson lo nepote, lo nepto, lo granfillîo
granddaughter la nepote, la nepta, la granfillîa
great grandfather lo bisavo
great grandmother la bisàvia
great uncle lo tío avo
great aunt la tía àvia
father-in-law lo sòcero, lo sòcro
mother-in-law la sòcera, la sòcra
brother-in-law lo connîato
sister-in-law la connîata

Family words in Constructed languages

Esperanto, Laala, Neolatin, Volapük

Family words in other languages

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