Family words in Taiwanese (臺語 / Tâi-gí)

Words for family members and other relatives in Taiwanese, a variety of Min Nan Chinese spoken mainly in Taiwan

Key to abbreviations: frm = formal, inf = informal, m = male, f = female, + = elder, - = younger, pt-= paternal, mt-= maternal

  Taiwanese (臺語 / Tâi-gí)
family 家庭 (ka-têng)
relative 親戚 (chhin-chhek)
parents 父母 (hū-bó)
father 父親 (hū-chhin) frm
爸 (pâ) inf
阿爸 (ā-pah) inf
mother 母親 (bó-chhin) frm
媽媽 (ma-ma) inf
阿母 (a-bó) inf
俺娘 (án-niâ)
children 囡仔 (gín-á)
囝仔 (kín-á)
son 囝兒 (kiáⁿ-lî)
daughter 女兒 (lí-jî)
spouse 匹偶 (phit-ngó͘)
husband 先生 (sin-seⁿ)
丈人 (tiūⁿ-lâng)
翁 (ang)
wife 某 (bó)
牽手 (khan-chhiú)
煮飯仔 (chí-pn̄g-á)
siblings 共腹內 (kāng-pak-lāi)
至腹個 (chì-pak-ê)
brother 阿兄 (a-hiaⁿ) +
小弟 (sió-tī) -
sister 姊 (chí) +
小妹 (sió-mōai) -
uncle 阿伯 (a-peh) father's elder brother
阿叔 (ah-chek) father's younger brother
姑丈 (ko͘-tiūⁿ) father's sister's husband
阿舅 (a-kū) mother's brother
姨丈 (î-tiūⁿ) mother's sister's husband
aunt 阿姑 (a-ko) father's sister
阿嬸 (a-chím) father's brother's wife
姨母 (î-bó) mother's sister
阿妗 (a-kīm) mother's brother's wife
cousin (paternal) 叔伯兄 (chek-peh-hiaⁿ) +m
堂弟 (tông-sió-tī) -m
堂姐 (tông-chí) +f
堂妹 (tông-sió-mōai) -f
cousin (maternal) 表兄 (piáu-hiaⁿ) +m
表弟 (piáu-sió-tī) -m
表姐 (piáu-chí) +f
表妹 (piáu-sió-mōai) -f
nephew 姪仔 (ti̍t-á) brother's son
外甥 (gōe-seng) sister's son
niece 姪女 (ti̍t-lí/lú) brother's daughter
外甥女 (gōe-seng-lí/lú) sister's daughter
grandfather 祖父 (chó͘-hū) pt-frm
爺 (iâ) pt-inf
外公 (gōa-kong) mt-frm
俺公 (án-kong) mt-inf
grandmother 祖母 (chó͘-bó/bú) pt-frm
阿媽 (a-má) pt-inf
外媽 (gōa-má) mt-frm
俺媽 (án-má) mt-inf
grandson 孫子 (sun-á) son's son
外孫 (gōa-sun) daughter's son
granddaughter 孫女 (sun-lú/lí) son's daughter
外孫女 (gōa-sun-lú) daughter's daughter
father-in-law 大官 (ta-koaⁿ) husband's father
岳父 (ga̍k-hū) wife's father
mother-in-law 大家 (ta-ke) husband's mother
岳母 (ga̍k-bó/bú) wife's mother
brother-in-law 姊夫 (ché-hu) elder sister's husband
妹婿 (mōe-sài) younger sister's husband
阿伯 (a-peh) husband's elder brother
小叔 (sió-chek) husband's younger brother
sister-in-law 兄嫂人 (hiaⁿ-só-lâng) elder brother's wife
細嬸 (sió-chím) younger brother's wife
某大姨 (bó͘-tōa-î) wife's elder sister
姨仔 (î-á) wife's younger sister
son-in-law 女婿 (lí-sài)
daughter-in-law 囝新婦 (kiáⁿ-sin-pū)


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