Family words in Hakka (客家話)

Words for family members and other relatives in Hakka, a variety of Chinese originally from northern China that is now spoken the south east of China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Key to abbreviations: frm = formal, inf = informal, m = male, f = female, + = elder, - = younger, pt-= paternal, mt-= maternal

  Hakka (客家話)
family 家庭 (ga1-tin2)
relative 親戚 (cin1-cit7)
parents 父母 (fu5-mu1)
father 爸爸 (ba2-ba1)
阿爸 (a-ba1)
mother 母親 (mu1-cin1)
媽媽 (ma5-ma3)
阿母 (a1-me1)
children 兒童 (i2-tung2)
son 孲牙子 (o1-nga2)
daughter 妹仔 (moi5-e3)
spouse 愛人 (oi5-ngin2)
husband 老公 (lo3-gung1)
wife 老婆 (lo3-po2)
siblings 兄弟 (hiung1-ti5 zi3-moi5)
brother 阿哥 (a1-go1)+
老弟 (lo3-tai1) -
sister 阿姐 (a1-zia3) +
老妹 (lo3-moi5) -
uncle 阿伯 (a1-bak7)
father's elder brother
阿叔 (a1-suk7)
father's younger brother
大姑爺 (tai5-gu1-ia2)
father's elder sister's husband
姑爺 (gu1-ia2)
father's younger sister's husband
大舅 (tai5-kiu1)
mother's elder brother
舅仔 (kiu1-e3)
mother's younger brother
大姨丈 (tai5-i2-cong1)
mother's elder sister's husband
姨丈 (i2-cong1)
mother's younger sister's husband
aunt 大姑 (tai5-gu1)
father's elder sister
阿姑 (a1-gu1)
father's younger sister
阿孃 (a1-nion2)
father's elder brother's wife
叔姆 (suk7 me1)
father's younger brother's wife
大姨 (tai5-i2)
mother's elder sister
姨仔 (i2-e3)
mother's younger sister
大舅孃 (tai5-kiu1-nion2)
mother's elder brother's wife
舅孃 (kiu1-nion2)
mother's younger brother's wife
cousin (paternal) 堂兄 (tong2-hiung1) +m
堂弟 (tong2-ti5) -m
堂姐 (tong2-zia3) +f
堂妹 (tong2-moi5) -f
cousin (maternal) 表兄 (beu3-hiung1) +m
表弟 (beu3-ti5) -m
表姐 (beu3-zia3) +f
表妹 (beu3-moi5) -f
nephew 侄仔 (ciit8-e3)
brother's son
外甥 (ngoi5-sen1)
sister's son
niece 姪女 (ciit8-ng3)
brother's daughter
外甥女 (ngoi5-sen1-ng3)
sister's daughter
grandfather 阿公 (a1-gung1) pt
姐公 (zia3-gung1) mt
grandmother 阿婆 (a1-po2) pt
姐婆 (zia3-po2) mt
grandson 孫仔 (sun1-e3)
son's son
外孫 (ngoi5-sun1)
daughter's son
granddaughter 孫女 (sun1-ng3)
son's daughter
外孫女 (ngoi5-sun1-ng3)
daughter's daughter
father-in-law 阿公 (a1-gung1)
husband's father
大丈老 (cong1-ngin1-lo3)
wife's father
mother-in-law 公婆 (gung1-po2)
husband's mother
丈人 (cong1-ngin1-oi1)
wife's mother
brother-in-law 姐夫 (zia3-fu1)
elder sister's husband
老妹婿 (lo3-moi5-se5)
younger sister's husband
大伯 (tai5-bak7)
husband's elder brother
細叔 (se5-suk7)
husband's younger brother
sister-in-law 阿嫂 (a1-so3)
elder brother's wife
老弟心妹 (lo3-ti5-sin1-moi5)
younger brother's wife
大姨仔 (tai5-i1-e3)
wife's elder sister
阿姨仔 (a1-i1-e3)
wife's younger sister
son-in-law 婿郎 (se5-long2)
daughter-in-law 心婦 (sin1-fu5)


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