Family words in Urdu

Words for family members and other relatives in Urdu (اُردُو), an Indo-Aryan language spoken mainly in Pakistan and India

(Urdu) اُردُو
family (khandaan) خاندان
relation (rishte) رشت
parents (waldain) والدین
father (walid) والد
(baap) باپ
mother (walidah) والده
(maan) ماں
children (bache) بچے
son (beta) بیٹا
daughter (beti) بیٹی
husband (khawand) خاوند
wife (biwi) بیوی
brother (bhai) بھائی
sister (behen) بہن
uncle father’s brother - (chacha) چچا
mother’s brother - (mamu) ماموں
father’s sister’s husband - (phopha) پھوپھا
mother’s sister’s husband - (khalu) خالو
aunt father’s sister - (phopi) پھوپھی
mother’s sister - (khala) خالہ
father’s brother’s wife - (chachi) چچی
mother’s brother’s wife - (mumaani) ممانی
cousin father’s brother’s offsping - (chacha zaad) چچا زاد
mother’s brother’s offspring - (mamoon zaad) ماموں زاد
father’s sister’s offspring - (phopi zaad) پھوپھی زاد
mother’s sister’s offspring - (khala zaad) خالہ زاد
nephew brother’s son - (bhatija) بھتیجا
sister’s son - (bhanja) بھانجا
niece brother’s daughter - (bhateeji) بھتیجی
sister’s daughter - (bhanji) بھانجی
grandfather father’s father - (dada) دادا
mother’s father - (nana) نانا
grandmother father’s mother - (dadi) دادی
mother’s mother - (nani) نانی
grandson son’s son - (pota) پوتا
daughter’s son - (nawasa) نواسا
granddaughter son’s daughter - (poti) پوتی
daughter’s daughter - (nawasi) نواسی
father-in-law (sasar) سسر
mother-in-law (saas) ساس
brother-in-law husband’s brother - (dewra) دیور
wife’s brother - (saalaa) سالا
sister-in-law husband’s sister - (babad) نند
wife’s sister - (saali) سالی

Details provided by Muhammad Zubair

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