Family words in Persian

Words for family members and other relatives in Persian (فارسی), an Indo-Aryan language spoken mainly in Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan.

(Persian) فارسی
family (xânevâde) خانواده
parents (pedar o mâdar) پدر و مادر
(pedar-mâdar) پدرمادر
(vâledeyn) والدین
father (pedar) پدر
(bâbâ) بابا
(bâbâie) بابایی
(pâpa) پاپا
mother (mâdar) مادر
(mâmân) مامان
(mâmâni) مامانی
child (bačče) بچه
son (pesar) پسر
daughter (doxtar) دختر
husband (šowhar) شوهر
wife (zan) زن
siblings (xwâhar-barâdar) خواهربرادر
(barâdar-xwâhar) برادرخواهر
brother formal - (berâdar) برادر
informal - (dâdâš) داداش
informal - (dâdâši) داداشی
sister formal - (xwâhar) خواهر
informal - (âbji) آبجی
uncle father’s brother - (amu) عمو
mother’s brother - (dâyi) دایی
aunt father’s sister - (amme) عمه
mother’s sister - (xâle) خاله
cousin maternal uncle’s child - (dâyizâde) دایی‌زاده
maternal uncle’s son - (pesardâyi) پسردایی
maternal aunt’s child - (xâlezâde) خاله‌زاده
maternal aunt’s son - (pesarxâle) پسرخاله
paternal uncle’s child - (amuzâde) عموزاده
paternal uncle’s son - (pesaramu) پسرعمو
paternal aunt’s child - (ammezâde) عمه‌زاده
paternal aunt’s son - (pesaramme) پسرعمه
nephew brother’s son - (pesar-e barâdar) پسر برادر
maternal uncle’s daughter - (doxtardâyi) دختردایی
maternal aunt’s daughter - (doxtarxâle) دخترخاله
paternal uncle’s daughter - (doxtaramu) دخترعمو
paternal aunt’s daughter - (doxtaramme) دخترعمه
niece brother’s daughter - (doxtar-e barâdar) دختر برادر
sister’s daughter - (doxtar-e xwâhar) دختر خواهر
brother’s child - (barâdarzâde) برادرزاده
sister’s child - (xwâharzâde) خواهرزاده
grandparents (pedarbozorg-mâdarbozorg) پدربزرگ‌مادربزرگ
grandfather (pedarbozorg) پدربزرگ
grandmother (mâdarbozorg) مادربزرگ
grandchild (nave) نوه
father-in-law husband’s father - (pedaršowhar) پدرشوهر
wife’s father - (pedarzan) پدرزن
mother-in-law husband’s mother -(mâdaršowhar) مادرشوهر
wife’s mother - (mâdarzan) مادرزن
brother-in-law husband’s brother - (barâdaršowhar) برادرشوهر
wife’s brother - (barâdarzan) برادرزن
wife’s sister’s husband - (bâjenâǧ) باجناق
sister-in-law husband’s sister - (xwâharšowhar) خواهرشوهر
wife’s sister - (xwâharzan) خواهرزن
husband’s brother’s wife - (jâri) جاری
son-in-law daughter’s husband - (dâmâd) داماد
daughter-in-law son’s wife - (arus) عروس

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