Numbers in Balti

How to count in Balti (སྦལ་​འཐུས་​ / بلتی), a Tibetic language spoken mainly in the Baltistan division of Gilgit-Baltistan in Pakistan.

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Numeral Cardinal numbers Ordinal numbers
1 scik sna, go-ma go-i
go-pa, go-pa-i
2 ngis ngis-i res-i
3 gsum gsum-i res-i
4 bzhi bzhi-i res-i
5 gha gha-i res-i
6 truk truk-i res-i
7 bdun bdun-i res-i
8 bgyat bgyat-i res-i
9 rgu rgu-i res-i
10 bcu bcu-i res-i
11 bcu-scik  
12 bcu-ngis  
13 bcu-gsum  
14 bcu-bzhi  
15 bcu-gha  
16 bcu-truk  
17 bcu-bdun  
18 bcu-bgyat  
19 bcu-rgu  
20 ngis-bcu  
30 gsum-bcu  
40 ngis-bcu ngis (20x2)  
50 gha-bcu  
60 ngis-bcu gsum (20x3)  
70 bdun-cu  
80 ngis-bcu bzhi (20x4)  
90 rgu-bcu
ngis-bcu bzhi-na bcu (4x20+10)
100 bgya [hundred]
bgya scik [one hundred]
200 bgya ngis  
300 bgya gsum  
400 bgya bzhi  
500 bgya gha  
600 bgya truk  
700 bgya bdun  
800 bgya bgyat  
900 bgya rgu  
1,000 stong [thousand]
stong scik [one thousand]
2,000 stong ngis  
3,000 stong gsum  
4,000 stong bzhi  
5,000 stong gha  
6,000 stong truk  
7,000 stong bdun  
8,000 stong bgyat  
9,000 stong rgu  
10,000 stong bcu  
once scik-rim, ren scik  
twice ngis-rim  
three times gsum-rim, ren gsum  
four times bzhi-rim  
five times gha-rim  
several times res-pa kha-ik  

Source: R.K. Sprigg. Balti-English/English-Balti Dictionary. Routledge. New York – 2002.

Information compiled by Wolfgang Kuhl

Hear the numbers 1-10 in Balti

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