Numbers in Naxi

How to count in Naxi (Naqxi geezheeq), a Tibeto-Burman language spoken mainly in southern China.

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Numeral Cardinal numbers Ordinal numbers
1 ddee; ddeeq; yif; yil dil-yif
2 erl; liai; ni; niq dil-erl
3 sai; seel; seeq dil-sai
4 ddu; lu; lul; seel; serl
5 wa; wu
6 chual; luf
7 cif; sher
8 baf; hol
9 ggv; je
10 cei; ceiq; cerf; cerq; sheef; zerq
11 cei ddeeq; ceiq ddee; sheef yif
12 cei niq; ceiq ni; sheeq'erl
13 cei seeq
14 ceiq lu; sheeq seel
15 ceiq wa
16 ceiq chual
17 ceiq sher
18 ceiq hol
19 ceiq ggv
20 ni zerq
21 ni zerq ddee
22 ni zerq ni; ni zerq niq
23 ni zerq seeq
24 ni zerq lu
25 ni zerq wa
26 ni zerq chual
27 ni zerq sher
28 ni zerq hol
29 ni zerq ggv
30 see cerq
31 see cerq ddee; see cerq ddeeq
32 see cerq niq
33 see cerq seeq
34 see cerq lu
40 lu cerq
41 lu cerq dde
42 lu cerq ni; lu cerq niq
43 lu cerq seeq
47 lu cerq sher
50 wa cerq
51 wa cerq ddee
52 wa cerq ni; wa cerq niq
53 wa cerq seeq
58 wa cerq hol
60 chual cerq
70 she cerq
80 hol cerq
90 ggv cerq
99 ggv cerq ggv
100 ddee xi
101 ddee xi ddee
105 ddee xi neif wa
110 ddee xi ceiq
120 ddee xi zerq
200 ni xi
300 seeq xi
1,000 dvq
1,080 ddeeq dvq neif hol cerq
2,000 ni dvq
2,002 ni dvq neif ni
3,000 seeq dvq
3,503 seeq dvq wal xi neif seeq
4,000 lu dvq
5,000 wa dvq
5,080 wa dvq neif hol cerq
6,000 chual dvq
7,000 sher dvq
8,000 hol dvq
9,000 ggv dvq
10,000 mee
20,500 ni mee neif wal xi
38,500 seel mee hol dvq wal xi
10 million dvq mee
100 million aq


Naxi has three cardinal numbers for ten: ceiq is for the teens, zerq is for numerals between 20 to 29, and cerq is for those between 30 to 99.


Information compiled by Wolfgang Kuhl

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