Numbers in Moyon

How to count in Moyon, a Naga language spoken in Nagaland and Manipur in northeastern India.

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Numeral Cardinal numbers Ordinal numbers
1 iŋkhe mensǝ, ǝharpa
2 innǝ ǝmǝnnǝ
3 inthum ǝmǝnthumnǝ
4 mǝnrǝ ǝmǝnrǝnǝ
5 ruŋa ǝruŋanǝ
6 kuruk ǝkuruknǝ
7 sǝrǝ ǝsǝrǝnǝ
8 irǝ ǝirǝnǝ
9 iko ǝikonǝ
10 sum ǝsumnǝ
11 sum ǝrǝ ŋkhe  
12 sum ǝrǝ nnǝ  
13 sum ǝrǝ nthum  
14 sum ǝrǝ mǝnrǝ  
15 sum ǝrǝ ruŋa  
16 sum ǝrǝ kuruk  
17 sum ǝrǝ sǝrǝ  
18 sum ǝrǝ irǝ  
19 sum ǝrǝ iko  
20 somnǝ  
21 somnǝ ǝrǝŋkhe  
22 somnǝ ǝrǝnnǝ  
23 somnǝ ǝrǝnthum  
24 somnǝ ǝrǝmǝnrǝ  
25 somnǝ ǝrǝruŋa  
26 somnǝ ǝrǝkuruk  
27 somnǝ ǝrǝsǝrǝ  
28 somnǝ ǝrǝirǝ  
29 somnǝ ǝrǝiko  
30 somthum  
40 sommǝnrǝ  
50 somŋa  
60 somruk  
70 somsǝrǝ  
80 somirǝ  
90 somiko  
100 cama  
200 canǝ  
300 cathum  
400 camǝnrǝ  
500 caruŋa  
600 cakuruk  
700 casǝrǝ  
800 cairǝ  
900 caiko  
1,000 lisiŋ  
2,000 lisiŋ innǝ  
3,000 lisiŋ inthum  
4,000 lisiŋ mǝnrǝ  
5,000 lisiŋ ruŋa  
6,000 lisiŋ kuruk  
7,000 lisiŋ sǝrǝ  
8,000 lisiŋ irǝ  
9,000 lisiŋ iko  
10,000 lisiŋ sum  
20,000 lisiŋ somnǝ  
30,000 lisiŋ somthum  
once wǝkhe  
twice wǝnǝ  
thrice wǝthum  
four times wǝmǝnrǝ  
five times wǝruŋa  
six times wǝkuruk  
seven times wǝsǝrǝ  
eight times wǝirǝ  
nine times wǝiko  
ten times wǝsum  
hundred times wǝcama  
2/3 inthum na innǝ  
1/5 ruŋa na iŋkhe  
4/10 sumna mǝnrǝ  
2/6 kuruk na innǝ  
only one iŋkhepǝŋ  
only two innǝpǝŋ  
only three inthumpǝŋ  
only four mǝnrǝpǝŋ  
only five ruŋapǝŋ  
only six kurukpǝŋ  
only seven sǝrǝpǝŋ  
only eight irǝpǝŋ  
only nine ikopǝŋ  
only ten sumpǝŋ  
about one iŋkhe wokhe  
about two innǝ wokhe  
about three inthum wokhe  
about four mǝnrǝ wokhe  
about five ruŋa wokhe  
about six kuruk wokhe  
about seven sǝrǝ wokhe  
about eight irǝ wokhe  
about nine iko wokhe  
about ten sum wokhe  
about hundred cama wokhe  

Source: Kongkham Hembati Devi. A Descriptive Grammar of Moyon. Department of Linguistics. Manipur University. Canchipur – 2010.

Information compiled by Wolfgang Kuhl

If you would like to make any corrections or additions to this page, or if you can provide recordings, please contact me.


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