Numbers in Cayuga (Ohshé:daˀ)

Information about counting in Cayuga (Goyogo̱hó:nǫ’), an Iroquoian language spoken in southern Ontario in Canada, and also in New York State in the USA.

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Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
1 sga:t da.wá:gyę:t, gyo.gyę́h.dǫh
2 dekni: dek.ní: wa.dǫ́ˀtaˀ
3 ahsęh ah.sę́h wa.dǫ́ˀtaˀ
4 géi  
5 hwíhs  
6 hyéiʼ  
7 já:dahk  
8 degrǫʼ  
9 gyo̱hdǫ:  
10 wa̱hshę̱  
11 sga:t sga̱heʼ  
12 dekni: sga̱heʼ  
13 ahsęh sga̱heʼ  
14 géi sga̱heʼ  
15 hwíhs sga̱heʼ  
16 hyéiʼ sga̱heʼ  
17 já:dahk sga̱heʼ  
18 degrǫʼ sga̱heʼ  
19 gyo̱hdǫ: sga̱heʼ  
20 dewáhshę̱:  
21 dewáhshę̱: sga:t  
22 dewáhshę̱: dekni:  
23 dewáhshę̱: ahsęh  
24 dewáhshę̱: géi  
25 dewáhshę̱: hwihs  
26 dewáhshę̱: hyéiʼ  
27 dewáhshę̱: já:dahk  
28 dewáhshę̱: degrǫʼ  
29 dewáhshę̱: gyo̱hdǫ:  
30 ahsę́ niwáhshę̱  
40 géi niwáhshę̱  
50 hwíhs niwáhshę̱  
60 hyéiʼ niwáhshę̱  
70 já:dahk niwáhshę̱  
80 degrǫʼ niwáhshę̱  
90 gyo̱hdǫ: niwáhshę̱  
100 sga:t dewę̱ʼnyawʼe: (one hundred)  
200 dekni: dewę̱ʼnyawʼe:  
300 ahsęh nʼadewʼę̱nyá:wʼe: *  
345 ahsęh nʼadewʼę̱nyá:wʼe: géi niwáhshę̱ hwihs  
400 géi nʼadewʼę̱nyá:wʼe:  
483 géi na̲ˀdewę̲ˀnya:wé:ˀ degrǫ́ˀ niwahshę́: ahsęh  
500 hwíhs nʼadewʼę̱nyá:wʼe:  
561 hwihs na̲ˀdewę̲ˀnya:wé:ˀ hyeíˀ niwahshę́: sga:t  
600 hyéiʼ nʼadewʼę̱nyá:wʼe:  
700 já:dahk nʼadewʼę̱nyá:wʼe:  
786 já:dahk nʼadewʼę̱nyá:wʼé: degrǫʼ niwáhshę̱ hyéiʼ  
800 degrǫʼ nʼadewʼę̱nyá:wʼe:  
900 gyo̱hdǫ: nʼadewʼę̱nyá:wʼe:  
1,000 nʼadewʼę̱nyá:wʼe: *  
3,841 ahsę́h niwahsę́: degrǫ́ˀ na̲ˀdewęnya:wé: géi niwahsę́: sga:t
(38x100) + (40+1)
once sgá:t hę.wá:dra:s  
twice dek.ní: hę.wá:dra:s  
three times ah.sę́h hę.wá:dra:s  
last hes.gá:gǫ:t  


Sources: Mithun M., Henry R. Watęwayę́stanih: A Cayuga Teaching Grammar. Brantford: Woodland Indian Cultural Educational Centre, 2005, pp. 70-71.

Information compiled by Wolfgang Kuhl

If you would like to make any corrections or additions to this page, or if you can provide recordings, please contact me.

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