Numbers in Tuscarora

How to count in Tuscarora (Ska:rù:rę'), a Northern Iroquoian language spoken in Ontario in Canada, and in North Carolina and New York in the USA.

Note: These numbers come from several different sources which use different spelling conventions.

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Numeral Cardinal
1 é̢·či, étsi
2 né:kti:, nekdi, nékti
3 áhsę, áhse, a:se
4 hę’tahk, hé‘tahk, he’dak
5 wisk
6 uhyak, óhya‘k
7 ja’nak, tsá‘nahk
8 nekre’, nékhre‘
9 nihre
10 wathe, wáhthe
11 eh-geeh th’kah-heh’r
12 nehk-dee th’kah-heh’r
13 ah-seh th’kah-heh’r
14 heh-dauk th’kah-heh’r
15 wee’sk th’kah-hehr
16 oo-yeak th’kah-hehr
17 chah-nauk th’kah-hahr
18 neh-kr eh th’kah-hehr
19 nee-reuh th’kah-hehr
20 neh-wah-th’heh
21 neh-wah-th’her eh-cheeh
22 neh-wah-th’her nehk-dee
23 neh-wah-th’her ah-seh
24 neh-wah-th’her heh-dauk
25 neh-wah-th’her wee’sk
26 neh-wah-th’her oo-yeak
27 neh-wah-th’her chah-nauk
28 neh-wah-th’her neh-kr eh
29 neh-wah-th’her nee-reuh
30 ah-seh : dee-wah-heh
40 heh-dauk: dee-wath-heh
50 weesk-dee-wah-th’heh
60 oo-yeak-dee-wah-th’heh
70 chah-nauk-dee-wah-th’heh
80 neh-kreh-dee-wah-th’heh
90 nee-reuh-dee-wah-th’heh
100 -yahsti, -yeah-stee

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