Numbers in Onondaga

How to count in Onondaga (Onǫda’gegá’), a Northern Iroquoian language spoken in parts of Ontario, Wisconsin and New York in the USA.

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Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
1 sgá:dah / sga’dah / sajadat
2 dégnih / degnih’ / tekeni tekenì watõnta
3 áhsęh / ahseh / àchso àchso wathõnta
4 gayí:h / gaye’ih / gajèri
5 hwíks / hwiks / wisk wisk wathõnta
6 achiak
7 tschoàtak tschoatak wathõnta
8 tékiro
9 wátiro
10 wasshè wasshè wathõnta
11 wasshe skãta gáchera
12 wasshè tekeni gachera wasshe tekeni watonta
13 achsòn gàchera ne wasshè achsòn gàchera wathõnta ne wasshè
14 wasshè gajèri gáchera
15 wasshe wisk gáchera wasshe wisk wathõnta
16 wasshè àchiak gàchera
17 wasshe tschoàtak gàchera wasshe tschoàtak wathõnta
18 wasshe tékiro gachera
19 wàtiro gachera ne wasshè
20 t’wásshe t’wasshe watonta
30 achso ne wasshè
40 gajèri ne wásshe
50 wisk ne wásshe
60 àchiak ne wasshè
70 tschoàtak ne wàsshe
80 tekiro ne wasshe
90 watiro ne wasshe
100 wasshè ne wasshè
1,000 wasshè ne t’wœ́nniawe


These numbers come mainly from Zeisberger's Indian Dictionary: English, German, Iroquois, which was published in 1887, and uses a different orthography to more recent sources. The language may have changed somewhat since then as well.

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