Numbers in Gangte

How to count in Gangte, a member of the Kukish branch of the Tibeto-Burman language family spoken in Manipur, Meghalaya and Assam in the northeast of India.

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Numeral Cardinal numbers Ordinal numbers
1 khǝt khǝt-na
2 ni nih-na
3 thum thum-na
4 li li-na
5 ŋa ŋa-na
6 gup gup-na
7 sǝgih sǝgih-na
8 giet giet-na
9 kuo kuo-na
10 som som-na
11 som-leh-khǝt  
12 som-leh-ni  
13 som-leh-thum  
14 som-leh-li  
15 som-leh-ŋa  
16 som-leh-gup  
17 som-leh-sǝgih  
18 som-leh-giet  
19 som-leh-kuo  
20 som-ni somni-na
21 som-nih-leh-khǝt  
22 som-nih-leh-nih  
23 som-nih-leh-thum  
24 som-nih-leh-li  
25 som-nih-leh-ŋa  
26 som-nih-leh-gup  
27 som-nih-leh-sǝgih  
28 som-nih-leh-giet  
29 som-nih-leh-kuo  
30 som-thum  
40 som-li  
50 som-ŋa  
60 som-gup  
70 som-sagih  
80 som-giet  
90 som-kuo  
100 ja-khǝt ja-na
101 jakhǝt-leh-khǝt  
102 jakhǝt-leh-nih  
103 jakhǝt-leh-thum  
104 jakhǝt-leh-li  
105 jakhǝt-leh-ŋa  
106 jakhǝt-leh-gup  
107 jakhǝt-leh-sǝgih  
108 jakhǝt-leh-giet  
109 jakhǝt-leh-kuo  
110 jakhǝt-leh-som  
200 ja-nih  
300 ja-thum  
400 ja-li  
500 ja-ŋa  
600 ja-gup  
700 ja-sagih  
800 ja-giet  
900 ja-kuo  
1,000 saŋ-khǝt  
1,001 saŋkhǝt-leh-khǝt  
1,002 saŋ-khǝt-leh-nih  
1,003 saŋ-khǝt-leh-thum  
1,004 saŋ-khǝt-leh-li  
1,005 saŋ-khǝt-leh-ŋa  
1,006 saŋ-khǝt-leh-gup  
1,007 saŋ-khǝt-leh-sǝgih  
1,008 saŋ-khǝt-leh-giet  
1,009 saŋ-khǝt-leh-kuo  
1,010 saŋ-khǝt-leh-som  
2,000 saŋ-nih  
3,000 saŋ-thum  
4,000 saŋ-li  
5,000 saŋ-ŋa  
6,000 saŋ-gup  
7,000 saŋ-sagih  
8,000 saŋ-giet  
9,000 saŋ-kuo  
10,000 siŋ  
100,000 noy  
1,000,000 mǝktǝsdoy  
once vel-khǝt  
twice vel-ni  
thrice vel-thum  
2/3 thum-lǝkǝ-ni  
1/5 ŋa-lǝkǝ-khǝt  
4/10 som-lǝkǝ-li  
1/4 li-lǝkǝ-khǝt  
1/3 thum-lǝkǝ-khǝt  
the whole ǝ-bon-un  
half kim-khǝt  
quarter ǝ-hǝl-khǝt  

Source: Samurailatpam Miranda Devi. A Descriptive Grammar of Gangte. Department of Linguistics. Manipur University. Canchipur – 2010.

Information compiled by Wolfgang Kuhl

If you would like to make any corrections or additions to this page, or if you can provide recordings, please contact me.

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