Numbers in Manipuri

How to count in Manipuri (ꯃꯩꯇꯩꯂꯣꯟ / Miteilon), a Kukish language spoken in Manipur in the northeast of India. It is also known as Meitei.

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Numeral Cardinal numbers
0 (꯰) ꯐꯨꯟ (phun)
1 (꯱) ꯑꯃ (ama)
2 (꯲) ꯑꯅꯤ (ani)
3 (꯳) ꯑꯍꯨꯝ (ahúm)
4 (꯴) ꯃꯔꯤ (mari)
5 (꯵) ꯃꯉꯥ (mangā)
6 (꯶) ꯇꯔꯨꯛ (taruk)
7 (꯷) ꯇꯔꯦꯠ (taret)
8 (꯸) ꯅꯤꯄꯥꯜ (nipāl)
ꯅꯤꯄꯥꯟ (nipān)
9 (꯹) ꯃꯥꯄꯜ (māpal)
ꯃꯥꯄꯟ (māpan)
10 (꯱꯰) ꯇꯔꯥ (ta-rā)
11 (꯱꯱) ꯇꯔꯥ ꯃꯥꯊꯣꯢ (tarā-mā-thoi)
12 (꯱꯲) ꯇꯔꯥ ꯅꯤꯊꯣꯢ (tarā-ni-thoi)
13 (꯱꯳) ꯇꯔꯥ ꯍꯨꯝꯗꯣꯢ (tarā-húm-doi)
14 (꯱꯴) ꯇꯔꯥ ꯃꯔꯤ (tarā-mari)
15 (꯱꯵) ꯇꯔꯥ ꯃꯉꯥ (tarā-mangā)
16 (꯱꯶) ꯇꯔꯥ ꯇꯔꯨꯛ (tarā-taruk)
17 (꯱꯷) ꯇꯔꯥ ꯇꯔꯦꯠ (tarā-taret)
18 (꯱꯸) ꯇꯔꯥ ꯅꯤꯄꯥꯜ (tarā-nipāl)
ꯇꯔꯥ ꯅꯤꯄꯥꯟ (tarā-nipān)
19 (꯱꯹) ꯇꯔꯥ ꯃꯥꯄꯜ (tarā-māpal)
ꯇꯔꯥ ꯃꯥꯄꯟ (tarā-māpan)
20 (꯲꯰) ꯀꯨꯜ (kul)
ꯀꯨꯟ (kun)
21 (꯲꯱) ꯀꯨꯟ ꯃꯥꯊꯣꯢ (kun mā-thoi)
22 (꯲꯲) ꯀꯨꯟ ꯅꯤꯊꯣꯢ (kun ni-thoi)
23 (꯲꯳) ꯀꯨꯟ ꯍꯨꯝꯗꯣꯢ (kun húm-doi)
30 (꯳꯰) ꯀꯨꯟꯊ꯭ꯔꯥ (kun-thrā)
40 (꯴꯰) ꯅꯤꯝꯐꯨ (ni-phú)
50 (꯵꯰) ꯌꯥꯡꯈꯩ (yāng-khéi)
60 (꯶꯰) ꯍꯨꯝꯐꯨ (hum-phú)
70 (꯷꯰) ꯍꯨꯝꯗ꯭ꯔꯥ (hum-drā)
ꯍꯨꯝꯐꯨꯇꯔꯥ (hum-phú-tarā)
80 (꯸꯰) ꯃꯔꯤꯐꯨ (mari-phú)
90 (꯹꯰) ꯃꯧꯗ꯭ꯔꯥ (mou-drā)
ꯃꯔꯤꯐꯨꯗ꯭ꯔꯥ (mari-phú-drā)
ꯃꯔꯤꯐꯨꯇꯔꯥ (mari-phú-tarā)
100 (꯱꯰꯰) ꯆꯥ ꯑꯃ (chāma)
200 (꯲꯰꯰) ꯆꯥ ꯑꯅꯤ (cha-ni)
300 (꯳꯰꯰) ꯆꯥ ꯑꯍꯨꯝ (cha-hum)
1,000 (꯱꯰꯰꯰) ꯂꯤꯁꯤꯡ ꯑꯃ (lising ama)
10,000 (꯱꯰꯰꯰꯰) ꯂꯤꯁꯤꯡꯇꯔꯥ (lising-tarā)
1,00,000 (꯱꯰꯰꯰꯰꯰) ꯂꯤꯆꯥ (licha)
10,00,000 (꯱꯰꯰꯰꯰꯰꯰) ꯂꯤꯄꯨꯟꯇꯔꯥ (lipun-tarā)

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Information about Manipuri numbers

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